Abstract Wooden Sculpture by Hanneke Mols van Gool

Abstract wooden Sculpture by Hanneke Mols van Gool (1933 - 2020), The Netherlands 1960s. Hanneke Mols studied at the academy of arts in Tilburg (1950-1952), the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht (1952-1955) which she left to achieve more experience and a wider state of mind for the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera e Liceo Artistico in Milan. She was a study of international well known names such as Oscar Jespers en Luciano Minguzzi. Both had an important influence on her work, same for her husband Theo Mols. Over her career she has been very active and had many international expositions. Her work is internationally spread and in the collection of several museums. Mols van Gool worked in different materials, this particular sculpture is made in Oak. It was named a feeling sculpture because of all the refined round shapes. She let loose of the original solid piece and worked very organically, the balance and play of light has a very important role in this sculpture.
The work comes from the collection of the family of Mols. In excellent condition.

DIMENSIONS: W 653 x D 30 x H 36 cm