Large Abstract Wooden Artwork by Nerone Ceccarelli

Beautiful wooden artwork by Nerone Ceccarelli, Italy 1976. The panel is composed of of carved wooden forms, bronze, zinc and brass.
Style: Abstract Constructivism. In an excellent condition.
Nerone Ceccarelli was the artist of 'Gruppo NP2', founded in 1962 by Nerone Ceccarelli & Giancarlo Patuzzi. Ceccarelli studied in Florence and Venice, it was the last city where he met Carlo Scarpa who was of a big influence in the search for details and compositional balance. Nerone & Patuzzi worked together with architects, among them names as Marcel Breur and Oscar Niemeyer but also worked in private commission as well as important sculptures for the public space. This panel is from the late seventies when Ceccarelli continued working by himself.

DIMENSIONS: L 201 x W 79 x D 7 cm